GARY WHITTA is the former Editor-in-Chief of PC Gamer magazine and now an award-winning screenwriter best known for the explosive post-apocalyptic thriller The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington. He also co-wrote the Will Smith sci-fi adventure After Earth, and was writer and story consultant on Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, for which he was the co-recipient of a BAFTA award.

Most recently he served as writer for the upcoming Star Wars movie Rogue One, and for the TV series Star Wars Rebels. He also wrote the film adaptations of the Mark Millar comic Starlight for 20th Century Fox, and the David Fisher book The War Magician for StudioCanal and Benedict Cumberbatch. His first novel, Abomination, is now available, and his original comic series Oliver arrives via Image Comics in early 2017.

Born and raised in London, England, Gary currently lives with his wife and daughter in San Francisco.